➔ START education project, (2011-2013)

START education project, (2011-2013)

Type: Project



Programme ➔ Public Engagement


2011 (is beginning date)
2013 (has end date)


An arts education project funded by the Start scheme, a scheme run by the Princes' Foundation for Children and the Arts to open cultural venues across the UK to children from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

The project worked with artists and local schools to develop a programme of workshops which introduced young people to contemporary art. The aim of the project was to introduce and enhance understanding of Chinese contemporary art; work with young people who may have experienced barriers in accessing mainstream cultural providers; encourage educators to engage with the Centre programme; and develop a relationship between local schools and the Centre for future projects. 

Each group of pupils would be initially introduced to an aspect of the Centre's programme through an exhibition or the the work of a resident artist based at the Centre. This would be followed by artist-led workshops were the students could further explore themes associated with the works they had seen and develop their own artist response. The work they produced would be show in pop-up exhibitions at the Centre. 

The project comprised 8 projects with groups from local schools: Newtopia with Caldershaw Primary School; Superhuman with Piperhill School; Forever Changing Times with Alder High School; Museum of Curious Creatures with Piperhill School; Hidden Traces with Cheetwood Primary School; Journey to the Centre of Colour with Saint Paul's CE Primary School; Cast from the Past, with Alder High School; and City of Lights with Cheetwood Primary School. 

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