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Artist's Database, (2002-2009)

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2002 (is beginning date)
2009 (has end date)


In its early history, the Centre maintained reference files on artists of East Asia heritage for reference purposes. By the late 1990s, the Centre had collected information on over 300 artists and the files were used in the organisation's agency work. 

To run alongside the Centre's first website, it was decided in 2002 to transfer the files into a digital format to become a resource to support the Centre's role as an agency for Chinese arts and culture in the UK and the Centre's staff. The work was funded by the Creative Diversity: Greater Manchester funding. 

The new database aimed to promote contemporary British based artists of Chinese heritage; provide a useful resource for curators, arts administrators, students and artist's group; and to be a source of information for press, other artists and arts organisations. It was initially available on-site as a CD-ROM but later was developed into a online resource accessible through the Centre's website. The database also developed links with the AXIS database. 

The Centre managed and updated the database until around 2009, when the data was transferred to the AXIS database. 


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