➔ Creative Diversity : Greater Manchester (CD:GM), (2003-2006)

Creative Diversity : Greater Manchester (CD:GM), (2003-2006)

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Project ➔ Creative Diversity : Greater Manchester (CD:GM), (2001-2005)


2003 April (is beginning date)
2006 June (has end date)


Creative Diversity : Greater Manchester (CD:GM) was a franchise programme organised by the North West Arts Board (NWAB) and the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA). The grants were awarded to projects which would improve the visibility of work by culturally diverse artists and developing audiences. The scheme also provide support for individuals career development and administration and management support for organisations. After the closure of the NWAB, the management of the projects on the scheme was transferred to Arts Council, England. 

The Chinese Arts Centre secured CD:GM funding  in 2002 to help develop the arts infrastructure and skills within the Chinese community in Manchester and north west England. The three year project had three main strands: 
  • The Centre would provide practical support for artists by providing a free space to develop their work; making administrative resources available such as computers and desk space; and offering career development support.
  • The Centre would provide one to one advice and training for artists relating to their career and artistic development. 
  • The Centre would also offer support to other Greater Manchester arts organisations to get training and advice on working with artists of Chinese heritage. 
The programme was active from April 2003-2006. As well as artist surgeries and training activities, the scheme also supported the Centre's Whisper residency programme and the First Step exhibitions. 

In 2005, the Centre secured funding from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to start a national version of the CD:GM project, the Professional Artist Development scheme (PAD) which was in place from 2005-2008. 

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North West Arts Board, (1992-2002) (is or was supporter of)
Arts Council, England, (2002-) (is or was supporter of)
esea contemporary (1987-) (is or was facilitated by)

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Ming Wong Video Scratch Night, Ming Wong, (2004 Apr 29)()
Whisper Residency: Amy Cham (2004 Sep 29 - Oct 11)()
'Architecture Week: Design Influences on the Chinese Arts Centre', Adam Gray, (2004 Jun 22)()
'An Evening with Denise Kum' (2004 Jul 08)()
'Tooling up the Chinese Arts Sector' Seminar, (2004 Sep 10)()
'All the tea in China', Giles Hilton, (2004 Oct 04)()
Breathe Residency: Eric Fong, (2004 Nov 22 - 2005 Feb 28)()
First Step: Horizon, O Zhang, 2005 Jan 27 - 2005 May 01()
Water Works: Meet the Curator', Allessio Antoniolli, (2005 Feb 01)()
Inspired by Water Works, David Haley, 2005 Feb 08()
First Step: Ying Kwok, 2004 Sep 25 - 2005 Jan 25()
Whisper Residency: Panni Poh Yoke Loh, (2005 Mar 02 - 2005 Mar 16)()
Chinese Gardens Workshop, Panni Pok Yoke Loh, (2005 Mar 05)()
First Step: Raymond Yap, (2005 May 05 -2005 Aug 07)()
Whisper Residency: Margaret Tran, (2005 Jun 25 - 2005 Jul 06, 2005 Oct 10- 2005 Oct 24)()
'Create paper garments' workshop, Pamela So, (2005 May 07)()
Whisper Residency: Wai Yan Chan, 9 May - 22 May 2006()
Open Studio: TRANSplant, Pamela So, 2005 Jun 09()
First Step: Alfred Chow, (2005 Aug 14 - 2005 Nov 14)()
Open Studio: Stella Lai, 2005 Sep 22 - 2005 Oct 02()
Whisper Residency: Sophia Hao, (2006 Feb 03 -2006 Feb 27)()
First Step: Nina Chua, 2005 Nov 15- 2006 Feb 15()
Professional Artist Development (PAD) scheme, (2005-2008)()
First Step: 13 Portraits of Lin Dai, Wen Wu, 16 February - 15 May 2006()

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