Breathe Residency: Christine Wong Yap, 2009 Jan 29 - 2009 Apr 30 ➔ Open Studio: It Gets Better, Christine Wong Yap, 2009 Apr 23 - 2009 Apr 30

Open Studio: It Gets Better, Christine Wong Yap, 2009 Apr 23 - 2009 Apr 30

Type: Exhibition



open studio


Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Breathe Residency, (2003-2013)


2009 Apr 23 (is beginning date)
2009 Apr 30 (has end date)


It gets better was the open studio of the Breathe resident artist, Christine Wong Yap. The open studio presented three new works by the artist:
  • Sorted, a series of limited edition pin badges which were the results of her investigation into British commemoratives and Mancunian slag. The badge featured a banner over a rain cloud which obscured a drab rainbow. The symbols were used to suggest the coexistence of gloomy outlooks and vibrant attitudes in the city. 
  • Pound of Happiness (2009) was a result of the artist's investigation of the phrase cheap and cheerful. The free standing sculpture highlighted modest pleasures  in daily life. The work featured a conveyor belt displaying a drawing of pound store products drawn with materials purchased at a pound store. The work was an attempt to embody optimism via the hope that small pleasures alone are rewarding. 
  • Unlimited Promise (2009) was an installation featuring the phrase Unlimited Promise cut from mirror foil paper which was hung from the artist studio lights, casting a shadow on the wall of the gallery. The work was an examination of how high ambitions bring optimism and pessimism into sharp contrast. The phrase could be read as available potential (to an optimist) or impossible goals (to a pessimist). 

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