START education project, (2011-2013) ➔ Cast from the Past, Alder High School, 2013 May 25 - 2013 Jun 08

Cast from the Past, Alder High School, 2013 May 25 - 2013 Jun 08

Type: Exhibition



exhibition workshop


Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)
Programme ➔ Public Engagement
Project ➔ START project (2012-2014)


2013 May 25 (is beginning date)
2013 Jun 08 (has end date)


Pop-up exhibition which was the result of Alder High School pupils' involvement in the START project at the Chinese Arts Centre. 

Year 8 pupils from the school worked with artist Samantha Donnelly to develop a collaborative response to the practice of artist Fiona Long who was resident at the Centre.  Cast from the Past explored ideas around memory, construction and deconstruction by responding to the aesthetic styles and the ideas behind Low’s work. Each pupil created their own plaster sculptures reflecting their own personal memories and associations to everyday objects. The pupils were also involved the curation of the final exhibition. The Centre also worked with Year 10 pupils to develop promotional materials for the exhibition, including a website. 

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