➔ Life Friendly Project Residency, (2012 Apr 24 - May 05)

Life Friendly Project Residency, (2012 Apr 24 - May 05)

Type: Artist Residency





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Whisper Residency (2003-2013)


2012 Apr 20 (is beginning date)
2012 May 04 (has end date)


Residency associated with the Life Friendly programme at the Chinese Arts Centre, developed in collaboration with Culture probe. 

The residency was an experimental multi-artist residency which attempted to explore how artists and art organisations can work in ways that have a positive impact on the quality of human life and the natural world. During the residency, the studio space was used as a base for research and experimentation for several artists. 

The residency was initiated by two week project by artist Yan Preston (2012 Apr 24-May 05). The artist worked with staff at the Centre and Culture Probe to explore how her practice impacts the environment as well as the well being of herself and others. during this time the artist developed her ideas and tried to discover new 'Life Friendly' methods of practicing as an artist. The artist also invited local artists and environmentalists into the studio to discuss their ideas of 'Life Friendly' practices. Various artists were based in the studio during the residency, including  Agata Alcaniz; David Haley; Erinma Ochu; James Brady; Jessica Mautner; Kate Bevan; and Penny Skerrett.

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esea contemporary (1987-) (is or was host of)
Preston, Yan, artist (Is or was participant in)
Cultureprobe (is or was organiser of)
Alcaniz, Agata (Is or was participant in)
Haley, David, Dr, Ecological artist (Is or was participant in)
Ochu, Erinma (Is or was participant in)
Brady, James (Is or was participant in)
Mautner, Jessica (Is or was participant in)
Bevan, Kate (Is or was participant in)

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