➔ Scenery in the Zero, Adam Wei, 1997 Mar 13 - 1997 Apr 26

Scenery in the Zero, Adam Wei, 1997 Mar 13 - 1997 Apr 26

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Edge Street Programme (1997-2003)


1997 Mar 13 (is beginning date)
1997 Apr 26 (has end date)


The first exhibition exhibited at the Chinese Art Centre venue at Edge Street was a retrospective look at the work of artist Adam Hongsan Wei.

The artist's large scale painters were typical of the vitality of 1990s artist, but also featured aspects of Eastern and Western traditions. The works displayed at the Centre focused on the topic of “circle and spin”. The paintings had grown from the concept of transmigration of life. Wei explored circles and spins of life and expressed his interest in rotation, from life to death and death to life. The image of the circle (or zero) in his paintings was the symbol of change in time and space of a lifetime and his depiction of a 'twinkling of an eye'. 

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