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esea contemporary Archive : Exhibition : Lan Wei, Stanley Wong, 2010 Apr 16 - 2010 Jun 12 [EV/B/3/2010/30]

➔ Lan Wei, Stanley Wong, 2010 Apr 16 - 2010 Jun 12

Lan Wei, Stanley Wong, 2010 Apr 16 - 2010 Jun 12

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)


2010 Apr 16 (is beginning date)
2010 Jun 12 (has end date)


Stanley Wong's first solo exhibition in the UK, featured a number of large scale prints of abandoned or unfinished housing projects from across Asia.

After the collapse of the Chinese housing marketing in the 1990s, huge numbers of building projects were abandoned across China, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey and Singapore. The term 'Lan Wei' ('Decaying' and 'the ending') was coined to reference these building projects. The phrase came to mean not just the building projects but also something which is long drawn out and suspended between completion and destruction.

The artist's photographs attempted to capture the relics of the housing boom and reflect how 'Lan Wei' had manifested itself not only in building projects but also in other aspects of life.

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