➔ Simulacra, Clemens Wilhelm, 2015 Apr 15 - 2015 Jun 21

Simulacra, Clemens Wilhelm, 2015 Apr 15 - 2015 Jun 21

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)


2015 Apr 15 (is beginning date)
2016 Jun 21 (has end date)


This Gallery 2 exhibition featured the video work SIMULACRA by Clemens Wilhelm.

The video was shot in the “Window of the World” Entertainment Park in Shenzhen (China) which presents 140 copies of the world's most famous tourist attractions. A tour through the park simulates a journey around the world, with the size of each model relating to its touristic importance. 
What do these iconic sites mean when they are taken out of their original contexts?  This park presents a Chinese perspective on the world which is touristically distorted and already dated. Tourist create selfies which are intended for social media: produced and consumed in an instant.

SIMULACRA presents the scenes in slow-motion, increasing the artificiality of this post-modern hyperreality. The film has a slow and meditative pace and invites visitors to ponder: What does it mean to take pictures nowadays? What is the goal of tourism when you can google every image at home? Is traveling abroad to see the world and to take pictures of it still necessary? Do we need simulacra?

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