➔ First Step: Lu Di, 2009 Sep 18 - 2009 Dec 23

First Step: Lu Di, 2009 Sep 18 - 2009 Dec 23

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ First Step (2004-2014)


2009 Sep 18 (is beginning date)
2009 Dec 23 (has end date)


First step showcase exhibition by artist Lu Di (Ludi). 

Lu Di’s practice illustrated and amplified problematic and insignificant events with the urban setting. Drawing attention to aspects of faulty objects or conflict, Lu Di used either de-construction or re-construction as processing technique to refine objects, images and audio.

For the First Step exhibition, Lu Di constructed an installation based on the three invisible triangles created within a musician’s body form while playing a Violin. Balancing between stability and flexibility, logic and passion, physical limitation and intellectual freedom, the installation underlined the mathematic elements that inhabit both musical performance and artistic practice.

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