➔ Breathe Residency: Jessica Tsang, 2009 May 21 - 2009 Aug 21

Breathe Residency: Jessica Tsang, 2009 May 21 - 2009 Aug 21

Type: Artist Residency





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Breathe Residency, (2003-2013)


2009 May 21 (is beginning date)
2009 Aug 21 (has end date)


Jessica Tsang has made works that combine sculptural forms and the painted surface with a variety of materials. Their work focused on the dynamic between the painted image and the qualities of the physical structure to explore the boundaries between 2D and 3D works. 

During a previous residency at the European Centre of Ceramics, the artist had explored the overall aesthetic qualities of the work by introducing new materials. The Breathe residency provided an opportunity to shift their practice and incorporate a more research based approach to their art production. The works produced arose out of a body of research rather than arising from material exploration. The artist planned to develop new ways of working while exploring social themes to create a balance between conceptual concerns and the materials they use in their works. 

The new works produced by the artist were displayed during their open studio on 15th-20th August 2009. 

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