➔ Memento, Ed Pien, 2009 Apr 24 - 2009 Jul 04

Memento, Ed Pien, 2009 Apr 24 - 2009 Jul 04

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)


2009 Apr 24 (is beginning date)
2009 July 04 (has end date)


Exhibition featuring an installation by Ed Pien commissioned by the Chinese Arts Centre. The work was a result of his research into the plight of illegal immigrants during his Breathe residency at the Centre in 2008. The work, an walk-through installation comprising ropes, cut silhouettes, sound and a video, was inspired by the Morecambe Bay cockling disaster in 2004, the Faujis from India as well as the experiences of the "burnt ones", young Moroccans, who perish while attempting to cross the Straight of Gibraltar.

The hand tied configuration alluded to fishing nets, traps, security fences and engulfing waves. The network of patterns was also reminiscent of the human circulatory system, passageways and maps. The video shown within the structure depicted the artist negotiating the might of churning waves emphasising human beings’ vulnerability as well as celebrating their strength to confront and overcome difficulty.

The work linked to Pien's ongoing interest in supernatural, invisibility, disappearance, and journeys. It was a contemplation of the human condition, focusing on the plight of illegal immigrants who often take great risks in the hope of living a more significant and meaningful life. The show highlighted the social victims of global issues who are generally unseen and forgotten.

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