➔ First Step: Sin Yi Law, 2008 Oct 20 -2009 Jan 14

First Step: Sin Yi Law, 2008 Oct 20 -2009 Jan 14

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ First Step (2004-2014)


2008 Oct 20 (is beginning date)
2009 Jan 14 (has end date)


First Step showcase exhibition by Sin Yi Law. 

The exhibition featured a series of drawing which attempted to express the beauty of food and their artist's belief that food was an art in itself and gave an indication of the aspects of our social life and cultural history.  The drawings were set against a white background to emphasise their physical form and bring to the viewer a new perspective of food. With each mark, Sin Yi Law attempted  to draw up the taste and the excitement in the preparation and the enjoyment of food.

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