➔ Whisper Residency: Wen Wu, 15 September - 30 September 2008

Whisper Residency: Wen Wu, 15 September - 30 September 2008

Type: Artist Residency





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Whisper Residency (2003-2013)


2008 Sep 15 (is beginning date)
2008 Sep 30 (has end date)


Wen Wu was a London based painter who was interested in beauty and the constructs of beauty. The residency was supported by the Centre's Professional Artist Development scheme (PAD).

Previously the artist had explored the feminine ideal, inspired by the western oil paintings she had seen growing up in China. For her residency she explored the concept of male beauty viewed through the eyes of her alter ego, a middle age man in Ancient Greece. Her alter ego was inspired by the Greek myth of Ganymede, the male lover of the god Zeus.

During her time at the Centre, the artist studied local young people hanging around Manchester's Cathedral Gardens to inspire her new works. She developed a new series of works: Emo Boys, which were shown during her open studio (27th-29th September) and First Step exhibition in 2009.

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