➔ Breathe Residency: Ed Pien, 2008 Jul 01 - 2008 Sep 01

Breathe Residency: Ed Pien, 2008 Jul 01 - 2008 Sep 01

Type: Artist Residency





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Breathe Residency, (2003-2013)


2008 Jul 01 (is beginning date)
2008 Sep 01 (has end date)


Canadian artist Ed Pien develops installations which are often a response to centuries old Chinese beliefs and superstitions that are still widely believed today.

During his residency at the Centre, the artist carried out research into the beliefs and perceptions of reality in relation to Manchester's Chinese community to inform a new work  commissioned by the Centre. The residency was also supported by Canada House Arts Fund.

Pien researched the history of the local community and carried out interviews to reveal personal stories of immigration. As his research progressed, the artist became interested in the relationship between visibility and invisibility. He explored the concept of 'Other' found in the experience and perceptions of Chinese immigrants in the UK, especially in reference to the tragic story of the Morecambe Bay cockle pickers in 2004.

Pien also held drawing and making workshops where participants explored the value and personal significance of objects as mementos, investigating the connectedness with their country of origin and their current 'home'. He also developed new art based upon the automatic drawings of French dramatist, Victorien Sardou (1831-1908). Pien's works explored new processes and were influenced by Sardou's orientalist style.

The new works, his research, and plans for his future installation were presented in an open studio held between 25th August - 1st September. The work Pien developed was Memento which was shown at the Centre between 24th Apr – 04 Jul 2009. 

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