➔ First Step: Wuon Gean-Ho, 18 January - 15 April 2008

First Step: Wuon Gean-Ho, 18 January - 15 April 2008

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ First Step (2004-2014)


2008 Jan 18 (is beginning date)
2008 Apr 15 (has end date)


First Step showcase exhibition by Wuon Gean-Ho featuring works developed using the Japanese woodblock technique. 

Life, death, memories and nostalgia were recurrent themes in much of Wuon Gean Ho’s work. In her practice, the artist created prints or bodies of work based upon storylines she create in response to events in her life or her surroundings, especially her experience of animal death when working as a practicing vet. Years later she may find herself coming back to old themes, as new ideas reassert themselves in her previous internal dialogue.

The prints Piglets and Dental Practical were made from memory about her experience of working in a pathology laboratory where she had to investigate disease in herds of animals. In her Wild West series, the artist returned to the idea of dead animals masquerading as live ones, taking inspiration from taxidermied trophy head the artist saw on the walls of bars and corner shops in small towns in Oregon and California. The works reflected the artist's response to the animals that they had been, now displayed in frivolous and mundane surroundings.

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