➔ Breathe Residency: Karen Tang, 8 June - 8 September 2007

Breathe Residency: Karen Tang, 8 June - 8 September 2007

Type: Artist Residency





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Breathe Residency, (2003-2013)


2007 Jun 08 (is beginning date)
2007 Sep 08 (has end date)


British based artist Karen Tang makes sculptures and installations that explore themes from science, sci-fi, architecture and city life. Her works present surprising structural and material combinations; industrial steel and fibreglass with fluid, painterly surfaces. Colour is intrinsic to the works’ physical presence and the perception of their sculptural forms in space. A variety of making processes are central in Tang’s practice, including epoxy ‘glassing’, carving, modelling, painted or powder-coated metal.

As part of her residency, the artists used local businesses to source supplies and a local steel cutting firm to create her art work.

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