➔ First Step: Louise Hagger, 15 May - 30 September 2007

First Step: Louise Hagger, 15 May - 30 September 2007

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ First Step (2004-2014)
Project ➔ Professional Artist Development (PAD) Scheme (2005-2008)


2007 May 15 (is beginning date)
2007 Sep 30 (has end date)


First Step show case exhibition by artist Louise Hagger. The exhibition was supported by the Personal Artist Development (PAD) scheme. 

The work exhibited the artist's need to document and store photographs of her family to express a sense of comfort and control over their memories associated with the home in which she had grown up. Hagger captured objects in her family home using Polaroid snapshots to represent the nostalgic style of family photographs. Although the images had an absence of human presence, traces of her family and memories could still be felt in the photographs. The work represented Hagger's need to capture the idea of her family home as a place of comfort and safety by recording how it had "hardly charged at all, more things get added and very rarely move from where they are first placed". 

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