➔ Production Residency: Ma Yong Feng, 21 February - 21 May 2007

Production Residency: Ma Yong Feng, 21 February - 21 May 2007

Type: Artist Residency





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies


2007 Feb 21 (is beginning date)
2007 May 21 (has end date)
22 July 2007 (has end date)


The PRODUCTION residency aimed to give an artist from China a chance to be exposed to both an urban and rural environment in the UK. During the 5 month residency, the artist would initially based at the Centre for 3 months, before spending the last two months in Hampshire. The work they produced would be presented in an exhibition at ArtSway in the summer of 2007. 

The PRODUCTION artist, Ma Yong Feng's practice related to aspects of animal culture, specifically in relation to man-made environments and topographic modelling. During the residency, Ma would take the role of an anthropologist, and researched our impulse to cage and categorise as a basis of his investigation into the changing relations of natural history to post-colonial British Culture. He aimed to look into ideas of anthropocentrism and its effects on animal habitats, and how humanity thinks itself as progenitors of aesthetic ideas.

The artist was based at the Chinese Arts Centre from 21th Feb - 21th May. 
While based in Manchester, the artist visited numerous zoos and museums and conducted research relating to all aspects of Natural History. The results of his research were presented during an open studio held at the Centre from 17th - 21st May.

While based at ArtSway, the artist developed his final work, focusing on the Cretaceous Period. The work developed was presented at his solo show The Cretaceous Period at ArtSway between 28th July - 16th September. 

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