➔ Cockaigne, Gayle Chong Kwan, 2006 Jul 14 - 2006 Sep 24

Cockaigne, Gayle Chong Kwan, 2006 Jul 14 - 2006 Sep 24

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)


2006 Jul 14 (is beginning date)
2006 Sep 24 (has end date)


Gayle Chong Kwan is an artist who using installations, sound, photography and participatory works to create  temporary, conflicting or imaginary ‘communities’. Her works explore participation, communication, and authorship through food, fantasy, memory, and the senses, sometimes using methodologies from official or institutional processes and fusing these with imaginative elements.

Cockaigne was a series of 12 photographs exploring the concept of  'Cockaigne', a 14th century fictional glutton's paradise island where the land was made entirely out of food. Each image depicted a utopian or mythological landscape constructed out of a single food stuff. Cockaigne explored myths of paradise, pleasure and the exotic in tourism, European legend and the history of Fine Art.

The works were also accompanied by Manipulated Tasting Booth (2006), which played with the notion of 'authenticity' and fashionability in relation to Chinese art. Based upon the Chinese room at Claydon House, the booth allowed one person to enter to sample pre-packaged commercially available Chinese foods. While in the booth, they could listen to  the recorded experiences of other visitors who had previously sampled the food, either fictional or real.  In the same way the recollection of memory is an created act which is often affected by the circumstances in which it was remembered, the experience of the tasting session was manipulated by the memories left by others. 

The exhibition was commissioned for Autograph ABP, London. The preview night was held on the 13th July, and also featured an open studio by resident artist, Owen Leong. The artist also facilitated a talk about her practice on the 15th July. 

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