➔ re-fashion, various artists, 2005 May 06 -2005 July 17

re-fashion, various artists, 2005 May 06 -2005 July 17

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)


2005 May 06 (is beginning date)
2005 Jul 17 (has end date)


Re-fashion was a exhibition of art work produced by fashion designers of Chinese heritage to unearth and reveal something of the creative process behind designers’ work as oppose to purely presenting finished garments.

Sophie Cheung and Julian Roberts, who worked collaboratively as Julian & Sophie, continually challenged the conventions of the fashion industry. To the Future Generation of Ourselves’ was a video installation which sought to represent their design lives to a future unknown audience. The work was constructed from a series of animated video loops, showing the diverse inspirations for their fashion projects. Each video was edited to depict Julian & Sophie’s favourite songs, looping simultaneously in and out of sync with each other. The work depicted the designers’ personal journey as they created the work: ‘’a series of loops oscillating within a larger loop, somewhere on the brink of explosion or implosion.’

Justin.oH’s design mantra was the re-invention of tradition. The Malaysian born designer was known for his subversion of and twists on the wearable modern classic, taking inspiration from the tradition of our world heritage. His installation Grace was a metaphor for the final product shown on the catwalk. It comprised various parts, a bicycle, an antler, a large animal skin, and a step ladder, wrapped in bias cotton. The work suggested the cyclical nature of the creation of each fashion collection: the need to move forward whilst maintaining the continuity and respect for things that have been.

Brought up in the USA, designer Maria Chen Pascual was inspired by the crosscurrents of history, art, photography and music. Horizon; developed with Norwegian musician Staale Bruland, was a window into a young couple’s search for their own paradise. Inspired by their separate journeys which brought them together in London, the work combined influences from their individual cultures as well as the Western ideas in search for a better life. The installation featured a picnic scene made up of found objects from both their cultures, garments designed by Pascual, and 1960s Chinese dress, owned by Maria’s mother, which Maria has deconstructed, re-shaped and added Norwegian detailing to.

The preview night was held on 5th May, and also featured a preview of work being developed by resident artist, Pamela So. 

The exhibition was also accompanied by various events including: ‘Create paper garments workshop (7th May); ‘Meet the Designers’ (26th May); ‘Re-fashion your clothes’ workshop (28th May); ‘Inspired by Re-fashion’ (2nd Jun); and ‘Create Your Own Designer Clothes’ workshop (18th Jun). The exhibition also inspired a project with Wai Yin Chinese Women’s Society which led to the ‘Identity’ pop-up exhibition in October of the same year. The exhibition was also supported by GMB Apple; Bombay Sapphire Gin; The Place Apartment Hotel; and Sunlik Beer.

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