➔ Persistent Visions, Erika Tan, 2005 Feb 25 - 2005 Apr 24

Persistent Visions, Erika Tan, 2005 Feb 25 - 2005 Apr 24

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)


2005 Feb 25 (is beginning date)
2005 Apr 24 (has end date)


Persistent Visions was a three screen video work by Erika Tan inspired by footage from the Moving Image archive at the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum in Bristol.

Erika Tan’s practice examines museological issues such as nature, status, classification of archive collections. Her work was often informed by specific cultural, geographical or physical contexts, using different media to confront the audience.

The work was a culmination of Tan’s research on the Picture This Ghosting Project, which commissioned three video artists to produce new works dealing with issues of identity, memory or history based upon research they carried out in three different archive collections.

Tan work was based upon super 8 films from the archive which were created by individuals and families who were stationed in former British colonies. The films covered a vast region and topics ranged from political to personal. Tan work uncovered hidden meaning in the films, unearthing histories hidden by the grander structure of Empire.

The preview was held on24th February. The exhibition was accompanied by two events: ‘Meet the artist’ (10 March), and ‘Inspired by Persistent Visions’ (24 March). The exhibition was also sponsored by The Place apartment Hotels and Sunlik Beer.

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