➔ First Step: Horizon, O Zhang, 2005 Jan 27 - 2005 May 01

First Step: Horizon, O Zhang, 2005 Jan 27 - 2005 May 01

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ First Step (2004-2014)


2005/01/27 (is beginning date)
2005/05/01 (has end date)


First Step exhibition featuring the photography installation Horizon by O Zhang. The exhibition was part of the Creative Diversity: Greater Manchester (CD:GM) project. 

The installation featured photographs of young girls from a remote village in China, as they crouch down and stare back at the camera. The aim of the work was to relay the gazes between the girls and those of the Western audience. While being innocent female children in a position of powerlessness, their gaze was very penetrating, suggesting that they were looking at the audience and questioning the outside world. The artist felt that the opposing themes of East/West, masculine/feminine, adult/child, and domination/submission are central to her work, and these little girls represent the new generation of China – the revolutionary future.

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