➔ Whisper Residency: David Lau (2004 Jun 03 - Jun 18)

Whisper Residency: David Lau (2004 Jun 03 - Jun 18)

Type: Artist Residency





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Whisper Residency (2003-2013)
Project ➔ Creative Diversity : Greater Manchester (CD:GM), (2001-2005)


2004 Jun 03 (is beginning date)
2004 Jun 18 (has end date)


The first 'Whisper' residency, which was funded by the Creative Diversity: Greater Manchester (CD:GM) project. 

David Lau's practice aimed to push and explore the ideas of conventional portraiture. His work offered superficial clues to allow the audience to deduce what kind of person he was. The work aimed to explore the need to convince ourselves we are real when we were becoming more alienated from society. 

During his residency, the artist create self-portraiture photographs with his friends and family, to draw attention to the importance of 'gaze' and 'voyeurism'. The prints were exchanged with objects brought in by visitors to develop his Exchanging photographs for memories project. The work was open to the public in his open studio held between 14-20th June. 

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