➔ Whodunnit?, Ming Wong , (2004 Mar 12- 2004 May 09)

Whodunnit?, Ming Wong , (2004 Mar 12- 2004 May 09)

Type: Exhibition



film screening exhibition


Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Thomas Street Programme (2003-)


2004 Mar 12 (is beginning date)
2004 May 09 (has end date)


Whodunnit?, the first UK solo show of artist Ming Wong, was a dark and delicious cocktail of murder, mayhem, amateur dramatics and cultural identity.

Ming Wong, born in Singapore, had lived in the UK since 1996. He had developed a diverse range of digital art projects, including projections, interactive performances, and interventions as well as educational work.

The video installation was created in response to the world’s longest running English-language play, Agatha Christie’s Mouse Trap. Borrowing from the style of British amateur dramatic drawing room detective dramas, Whodunnit? was a continuous video work, which instead of reaching a final point of conclusion, was a never ending chain of suspicion, accusation, and betrayal, with the added drama of cultural politics. Taking the ethnic origin categories used by arts funding monitoring forms, the artist included actors who were representative of ethnic minority groups in the UK. The actors were required to deliver their lines in two accents, received pronunciation (RP) and a non-UK accent, drawing upon their professional experience as well as personal experiences of representing their own culture. In the film, the actors switched accents, betraying shifts in allegiance amongst the characters as the murder mystery was acted out. The work raised questions about the adequacy of categories we are given to define ourselves and highlights the multiplicity and shifting nature of the British identity.

The exhibition preview was held on 11th March. The exhibition was supported by Film London. The artist also held a ‘Scratch-Night’ an informal presentation of his video sketches and works in progress (29th April).

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