➔ Chinese View '86 Art Festival, 1986 Nov

Chinese View '86 Art Festival, 1986 Nov

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Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Chinese View Art Association Programme (1986-1989)


1986 November 15 (is beginning date)
1986 November 30 (has end date)


A festival which aimed to increase the understanding and appreciation between the British and Chinese communities in Manchester by presenting Chinese culture to a wider audience. It is thought to be the first  Chinese art festival arranged in Manchester. 

The festival was arranged by local artist and radio producer Amy Lai, and the BBC Radio Manchester programme 'Eastern Horizon' Lai originally planned to organised an Chinese music event at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) Due to demand, the event quickly grew to a two week festival celebrating all forms of Chinese Arts. 

The opening ceremony took place in the Chinese Garden in Faulkner Street. It featured Chinese lion and unicorn dances which paraded from the garden to the Central Library for an afternoon of family entertainment. The festival closed with a repeat of the dances in China town. 

Exhibitions of Chinese art were held across several venues, including an exhibition of books, stamps and painting at the Central Library; 'Chinese Festival of Kites' at the Manchester City Art Gallery; an exhibition of Chinese embroidery at the Whitworth Galley; and an exhibition of photography and musical instruments at the Holden Galley and Wiend Centre, Wigan.

Cornerhouse also presented a series of films which featured examples contemporary and classic films from China and Hong Kong. 

A evening of Chinese music and dance was also held at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) featuring performances by Ching Ping Wong, Chi Lin Chen, Helen Fung and Sion Wan Siu.

Various demonstrations of Chinese arts and crafts were also held in libraries across Manchester for the public and school groups.

The success of the festival led to the founding the Chinese View Arts Association in 1987.

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