➔ Breathe Residency: He An, (2003 Nov 27 - 2004 Feb 27)

Breathe Residency: He An, (2003 Nov 27 - 2004 Feb 27)

Type: Artist Residency



Breathe Residency, (2003-2013) artist-in-residence


Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Breathe Residency, (2003-2013)


2003 Nov 27 (is beginning date)
2004 Feb 27 (has end date)


He An is a Chinese artist based in Beijing, China. He was part of an emerging generation of artists born after China’s Cultural Revolution who are making work in the midst of an enormous industrial expansion. His work largely dealt with the physical and psychological atmosphere of China’s growing cities, especially the signs, lights, and language that populate the built environment.

He An was the first resident artist at the Centre's Thomas Street venue. The artist used the residency, his first visit to the UK, to explore street culture, mass consumerism and the development of underground cultures in Manchester, through examining style press, and Manchester's youth culture and artistic communities. In his open studio, held between 5-10 February 2004, the artist worked in a variety of media, casting works in porcelain or meticulously manipulating digital photography for his open studio at the Centre.

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