➔ Life Friendly Project (2011-2012)

Life Friendly Project (2011-2012)

Type: Project



artist-in-residence workshop


Programme ➔ Artist Residencies


2011 (is beginning date)
2012 (has end date)


Life Friendly programme was a project hosted by the Chinese Arts Centre and was originally developed by research consultant, Nadine Andrews from culture probe. The project was supported by the Small Change Big Change fund. 

The programme explored how artists and arts organisations could redesign their practice to have benign/restorative impact on the natural world and on human quality of life. The artist collective created by the programme invited speakers from a variety of background to share their expertise and link their knowledge to our aim of becoming more life-friendly. The artists then responded to the sessions with their own life-friendly events to try to find practical solutions to developing a more sustainable practice. 

The project included a two week residency by UK based artist Yan Preston (2012 Apr 20 - May 04).

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