Yuen, Kin-Leung, (b.1975), artist

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丸仔 ; 袁堅樑 ; Maru, Yuenjie, (b.1975), artist


1975 (was birth date of)


Yuen Kin-Leung (also known as Yuenjie Maru) is an performance artist and art workshop instructor from Hong Kong. 

Yuen began working with installations in 1995, but began to explore different art media such as writing, theatre, dance, happenings and art performance. He began to produce solo performances from 1999, and later labelled his performances as "MaruLiveArt'. He was also the Artistic Director of Make and Move Body Theatre; artistic director of a post-modern dance group Danotcers; and artistic director of the inclusive dance group Symbiotic Dance Troupe of Centre for Community Cultural Development in Hong Kong.He has also been a member of the Treat or Trick Art Group, Kongtact Square, Breeze Across Us, Clash Theatre, and Touching Particles.   

Yuen has performed around the work in Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and UK. 

Yuen KIn-Leung was one of artists which took part in the in 2006. A video of his performance also featured in the film night in 2018. 




Hong Kong

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