Pien, Ed, (1958-), artist

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1958 Feb 23 (was birth date of)


Ed Pien is a Canadian artist whose practice is often inspired by themes of otherworldly, invisibility, disappearance, and journeys. Poignantly reflecting on the displaced, his works remain open-ended and can lead to multiple interpretations. His drawing-based installations are inspired by various sources, including myths and legends. Pien has also created large-scale cut paper installations which juxtapose delicate and decorative cuttings with dark demonic characters.

Pien was born on 23rd February 1958 in Taipei, Taiwan. His family emigrated to Canada when the artist was eleven. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Western Ontario (1982), and his Master of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto (1984). The artist was also a professor in the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto.

Ed Pien has exhibited nationally and internationally including the Drawing Centre, New York; La Biennale de Montreal 2000 and 2002; W139, Amsterdam; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; Middlesbrough Art Gallery, the UK; Centro Nacional e las Artes, Mexico City; The Contemporary Art Museum in Monterrey, Mexico; the Goethe Institute, Berlin; Bluecoat, Liverpool; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; as well as the National Art Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

The artist took part in a Breathe Residency at the Chinese Arts Centre in 2008 in which he explored his interest in beliefs and perceptions of reality with particular reference to Manchester's Chinese community. The research led to the installation which was exhibited at the Centre in 2009. Pien also took part in a residency at 501 Artspace in Chonqing in 2010. 




Taiwanese , Canadian


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