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Mad for Real (疯狂与真实) is an artist collective consisting of artist duo Cai Yuan (蔡元) and Jian Jun Xi (奚建军). The duo's practice is very much performance based, with strong themes of power and resistance that works alongside contrasting humour. 

Cai Yuan had originally studied oil painting at Nanjing College of Art, Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College of Art, whilst Jian Jun Xi studied at the Central Academy of Applied Arts in Beijing and Goldsmiths College, however the two came together in the nineties to do performance, starting with the piece Two Artists Jump on Tracey Emin’s Bed (1999) at Tate Britain’s Turner Prize Exhibition.

The artist first showed work at the Centre as solo artists in the Journey's West  exhibition in 1994. As a collective they held a solo exhibition at the Centre in 2004 and performed at the in 2006. 


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