PAD (Professional Artists Development) Scheme, 2005-2008

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OC/9/2 (local reference number)

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esea contemporary (1987-)


2005-2008 (is coverage date of)

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Papers regarding the Personal Artist Development (PAD) Scheme at the Chinese Art Centre which was funed by the Esmee Fairbairn Trust. 

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2 DVDS and 7 folders


The records in this series are mostly born-digital records which were held on an DVD entitled ''PAD scheme May 2005-Jan 2008 [D Chan's Files and documents]'. The original order of the records on the DVD have been preserved in the hierarchy of the series. 

As most of the physical records retained fell into the same subseries as the digital records it was decided to arrange them alongside the eletronic records. 


Paper versions of records held electronically were removed unless they served another purpose such as  physical copies of the packs given to delegates at events were preserved as it was felt it was historically important to preserve how the papers were presented at events. This series has also been appraised of duplicate records, record found elsewhere in the collection not associated with the scheme, and records containing personal data which were thought to be on no historical importance such as contact lists. 

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Unless prohibited under UK data protection legislation, the records within this set are available for non-commercial private research on-site in the esea ResearchLab via dedicated terminals or by appointment.

Digital surrogates of the records can be accessed through the online catalogue if we have permission of holders of the intellectual property of the record's contents.

Conditions of Use

The records in this record set are accessible for private non-commercial research use unless restricted under UK Data Protection legislation.

Open records which are solely the copyright of esea contemporary are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) License. Records which are the intellectual property of other creators are not available online unless we have permission of all of the copyright holders. Please see individual record descriptions for more information.

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