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OC/1701 (Former Number)


1997-2016 (is coverage date of)

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Physical records which were stored within the  timeline folders arranged for the CFCCA's 30th anniversary celebrations in 2016. 


This record set preserves the original order of the timeline folders. This is an intellectual order and analogue records are physically stored elsewhere in the collection. Identifiers of the records represent where the records are physically stored


As part of the lead up to the Centre’s 30th anniversary in 2016, the organisation reviewed the physical documents held within its filing systems.

Current records and key administrative records were retained for the organisation active use. Other records were appraised following legal requirements or retained to create a timeline of the organisation’s history. The retained records were arranged by date and place into folders which represented a single year or a period of years. The folders were the basis of the Centre's time-line which was exhibited during the anniversary year.

When an archivist was appointed in late 2016, the timeline folders were accessioned as ACC/2017/1. The decision was made attempt to restore the original order of the records. A functional hierarchy was created & the records were reordered to fit within the new hierarchy. Duplicates of physical records found in other accession or held electronically were removed. Only the records dating up to 2010 were fully processed, as later records were considered to be semi-current records. 

As the archive began to process more born-digital records it was decided in 2021 to create an additional hierarchy to preserve the original order of the records. Therefore the timeline was intellectually recreated and began the physical record’s secondary location. Media holding born-digital records were transferred to the new hierarchy and the individual records were allocated secondary locations in the functional hierarchy.

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Unless prohibited under UK data protection legislation, the records within this set are available for non-commercial private research on-site in the esea ResearchLab via dedicated terminals or by appointment.

Digital surrogates of the records can be accessed through the online catalogue if we have permission of holders of the intellectual property of the record's contents.

Conditions of Use

The records in this record set are accessible for private non-commercial research use unless restricted under UK Data Protection legislation.

Open records which are solely the copyright of esea contemporary are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) License. Records which are the intellectual property of other creators are not available online unless we have permission of all of the copyright holders. Please see individual record descriptions for more information.

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Only records dating up to 2010 have been catalogued so far.

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